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needed suggestions from social workers
Hi I am a Social Workers _ _ I need health and wellness material that I can put my name on and hand to my clients. Nothing is editable; most of it sucks and is too generic. Does anyone know where I can get free professional wellness fact sheets that I can edit, put my name on them and give them to my patients?
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There are patient fact sheets on the ANNA website under resources. You can not edit them, but there is a place you can write in your contact information. Or, you could just attach a business card.....
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Hello, yes. there is web site called or (it’s one of those two). You can sign up for free fact sheets they distribute during the year. I think they send out half dozen or so. They are all editable. Look at the section. You can edit them in MS Publisher, MS Word, and they give you the PDF, I am pretty sure.
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