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Am I breaking Ethics/Laws
Currently work at a residential rehab facility in Ohio as a case manager. When CM's take clients to receive food assistance at jobs and family services, we take along a letter stating that residents purchase their own food and prepare individual meals......this is not true. Each resident is required by the facility to provide 160.00 in funds used towards purchasing food once a month and meals are prepared for the group not individually. What should I do???
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You might want to review the code of ethics for case managers on the Commission for Case Management Certification website. There is a list of unprofessional behaviors including "engages in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation..." Have you discussed with management how this how the misrepresentation in this letter violates your code of ethics and how an ethical violation could jeopardize your certification (assuming you're certified). You may want to consider looking for a different place to work that has higher ethical standards.
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You are committing fraud against the government. Be a whistleblower and trun the company in to the government.
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