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i am attempting to advocate regarding caseloads and none social work tasks. I know this is a neverending topic. Can you please post your pt to hours paid ratio, state you practice in and tasks that could be completed by other
For example
I have 98pt for 30 hours in Alabama
I do various Network reports, transient visit arrangement including all medical records, all Medical record request from Social Security, ect..
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I hope people will post their caseloads for you. CNSW members can access a survey on the CNSW website ( done a year or so ago that gives average caseloads and salaries.

You might want to start tracking your time using the CNSW Time Tracking document (Excel) also on the CNSW website. This would help you to show your facility manager how you spend your time. The new Conditions for Coverage (ESRD regulations) require that the dialysis facility governing body provide adequate staff appropriately to meet the clinical needs of patients. CMS expects social workers to do clinical work, including counseling patients. The Interpretive Guidance to the regulations advises the governing body that if social workers are required to cover multiple clinics or do non-clinical tasks, these responsibilities should not take away from clinical responsibilities.

With a caseload of 98 patients and 30 hours a week, this is equivalent to a full-time social worker-to-patient ratio of 1:131. Working 30 hours a week x 12 months = 1560 hours a year. To figure out how much time you have to spend with patients or on patient-specific issues, subtract your vacation and sick time and time you spend doing anything unrelated to patient care (staff meetings, continuing ed, administrative teleconferences, etc.). This will leave the number of possible hours you have to spend with patients and/or doing things related to patient care. If you never took a vacation or sick day and had no staff meetings or time away from work unrelated to patients, you'd have 15.9 hours to spend on work related to each patient each year or 1.33 hours/month. This translates to 19 minutes a week. That would have to include all time spent doing anything related to that patient -- clinical and non-clinical.

Does your clinic have an administrative assistant or could it hire someone who is paid less than you are to do clerical tasks (Network reports, copying documents for transient dialysis and requests from federal and state agencies, verifying insurance, etc.). This would allow you more time to spend with patients helping them cope with kidney failure and achieve and maintain their desired level of functioning, as required by the new dialysis regulations. If you could do this, it would reduce your clinic's risk of receiving a citation of the governing body when a surveyor visits. BTW, when a surveyor comes, having the proof of how you are asked to spend your time along with evidence that you've discussed your concern with your facility manager might just give you ammunition to get a more reasonable social worker-to-patient ratio.
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