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Medical Coding & Billing
I am an LSW in Ohio. My supervisor is requiring me to do the data entry of the medical coding & billing for the center.

Does anyone know if this is allowable? It seems like WAY outside of my personal comfort level, but I want to be CERTAIN that it isn't a conflict of interest on a professional level.
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The ESRD regulations assign certain tasks to the social worker, including patient assessments, participation in patient care planning with other members of the team and leading on psychosocial status which includes the physical and mental functioning survey, actively participating in team quality assessment and performance improvement (QAPI) activities. If those activities are not performed well enough to assure that psychosocial barriers are not preventing patients from achieving goals, it is likely that a surveyor will cite the facility. In addition, if the dialysis management has assigned the social worker other tasks that take him/her away from the tasks mandated in the ESRD regulations, the surveyor could cite the governing body for not having sufficient staffing to meet patients' individual clinical needs.

Most clinics want to be sure that claims are filed successfully the first time. Using a social worker who is not trained to do billing and coding but is trained to provide clinical services does not seem a good use of a social worker's time to me and I've been a nephrology social worker since 1978.
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