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Persistently high BP on HD
I have a patient with very high BP (170-200) despite being on several meds. She has completely stopped using table salt and consumes a traditional diet (no processed food except for bread). She doesn't use MSG, Na2CO3, bouillon cubes, commercial sauces and drinks about 250ml Coke per week.

Any suggestions as to what dietary factor could cause this high BP?

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Hi. If she is on her dry weight and proper diet maybe the nephrologist must look at her meds. maybe its time to look at something else.
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Agree with Kevi. Also, what is her fluid gain like? Is she generally a compliant patient?

Does her BP stay the same throughout, or is it lower/higher towards the end?
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Several years ago there was a patient at my old clinic whose BP was high during dialysis. They did a blood test and found that her levels of renin were high. Here's a MedlinePlus article on the renin blood test that includes a list of things that can cause high renin levels in the blood.
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