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Rising rate of calciphylaxis
I have worked in dialysis for past 26 years and feel that I have been very fortunate to participate in the care of very sick renal patients with multiple medical problems. Although I have seen first hand multiple futile diseases that these patients endure. I must say I have not witnessed such a brutal, torturous and relentless disease such as calciphylaxis. In my view this has been on the uprise over the last few years. I am so curious to know why this is all of a sudden becoming more prevalent. I wonder if other dialysis nurses notice this trend as well? I am not a fan of the current treatment options such as sodium thiosulfate and high flow O2 because in my opinion these interventions have not been successful. I feel we are missing something and need more in depth case studies and research. Also wondering if this disease is widespread or regional ? Would love to hear from others that are witnessing this progressive disease process and could possibly share helpful information.
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