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Nephrology Nurse Educators
I am a manager of at a dialysis unit which is hospital based. In this role I provide technical expertise which is Biomed oriented. I was interested in inquiring how many units "out there" have a Nephrology Nurse Educator dedicated to dialysis, and everything normally under the renal "umbrella", peritoneal, apheresis, and all of the normal considerations for acute and chronic dialysis facilities. I hear from some sources that this is an area which has experienced a cut back in funding. Thanks
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No educator here at our acute hospital based program. I am the manager of the dialysis/apheresis side. We really have no renal educator at all. PD is done on the renal floor, which has a different manager and educator. CRRT is done in the ICUs which have different managers (and educators). Biomed is stretched VERY thin as well. Lately we have had 10 machines tagged as not working (out of our fleet of 28). There is really only one (maybe 2) biomeds that really know our machines, and they also cover every other machine in the hospital. We are stretched.
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newhdmgr, If your budget allows it, (and HR dept) you could reach out to one of the local dialysis companies to see if the bio-med there would like to do some part-time work on the side. All the bio-meds I've ever known are always looking to make an extra buck or two and could get you back to 100% on machine repairsSmiler
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