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What does everyone use for gowns in the treatment room. Our staff uses level 3 impervious gowns but was wondering what type and level everyone else uses and if one is more breathable than others?
thank you
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we use what the company provides, they are white
semi impervious to liquid for iso we use a blue
plastic apron totally impervious to liquids

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thanks again pops...we had a white level 3 but the staff were baking in them so we moved to a level 2 yellow...iso we use probablt the same blue ones you described
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A little late to the party here, but we were using yellow, washable gowns for the whole tx area. We are now switching to an impervious "disposable" apron. I don't have any details yet as we are in the trial phase...but everyone's hopes are high.

They were going through the yellow gown due to the laundering process. Every batch had a percentage which was garbage (ripped, ties broken, etc). This will also save in transporting clean/dirty gowns to our outer clinics weekly. They can just order them with their normal stock and call it a day.

It's not every day that something comes along in this field that appears to make life that much easier (and safer honestly) for everyone...
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