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Hoping to find an answer. About 13.5 years ago I was arrested for a felony assault (it was clearly self defense, but not seen that way). After completing my sentence and probation my probation officer got it expunged down to a misdemeanor. I was 22 at the time of the conviction. I have trying to research if I can get a nursing license but it seems like a gray area. It is the only thing on my record. I have worked in healthcare for the past 15 years as a biomed, so I'm hoping that could show the board I won't hurt patients. I know biomed isn't involved directly with patients but if we were out to cause issues a bad apple could hurt a whole shift of patients instead of the few in their direct care. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.
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I'd look into the regs for getting licensed or even accepted into nursing programs for the state you live in. about 20 years ago I worked with a PCT who was arrested at work one day for passing bad checks, and the checks she was using were stolen from someone else. When the manager tried to plead with the cops to let her turn herself in later, the cop told her that the PCT had a rap sheet a mile long and that the manager really didn't know her history. About five years ago I ran into that PCT and she's now an RN. On the other hand, I know a PCT that applied to the RN program at a local college a couple of years ago and was turned down. She had good grades, no problems with the law, but they wouldn't take her and she wasn't given a reason.
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