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cramping during dialysis
I cramp everyday on dialysis and no matter what i do nothing helps.but the funny thing is when i am in the hospital being dialize there is no cramping what so ever. and suggestion

Evelyn Parker
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Hi, Eve. Maybe try talking with your Dr. or head nurse and see what our options are. You could be a candidate for home dialysis whether it be PD or Home Hemo. Sometimes that can be a little easier on your body, but I believe you have to have some support and some space for supplies.
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How much fluid do they usually try to take off in the clinics compared to in the hospital? Are your treatment times longer in the hospital?

Cramping can be caused by trying to remove too much fluid too quickly.
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Also, is there a difference in your position in the hospital vs the chronic unit, i.e. are you laying in a bed in the hospital with your feet up during dialysis? This can help prevent cramping.
Another thing is avoiding eating - meals while on dialysis, especially salty meals can cause cramping.
Hope you can figure it out so you can be more comfortable!
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