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skin color from dialysis
hello everyone , i just found this site, ive been on dialysis since may of 2002 , i am 24 years of age , well my health has been good from dialysis, i go three times a week for four hours, none of my doctors can give me a straight answer bout my skin becoming dark,they just tell me its from my kidneys not working , but i see other people and they dont have the same skin problem, i became real dark from dialysis, can anyone answer my question in why im so dark from dialysis? my email is
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If your 24 yrs old, why are you not doing PD at home? Where you not told about PD? With your active lifestyle PD would allow you to be more active. Are you on the transplant list?

What are your lab results from Hemo? Many people act differently to dialysis. Some peoples skin color stays the same and some turn yellow and some turn a brownish color. Are you following your dietary restrictions?

Too many factors to answer. I would find another Dr.
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The symptoms, skin color changes, etc... esrd patients have is NOT CAUSED by either
form of dialysis......

The symptoms are caused by the fact that you
have kidney failure....period !!!!

Often, the symptoms appear after you start dialysis and so you blame the dialysis procedure.

The fact is, the accumulated effects of your renal failure begin to affect other
parts of your body .... calium bone loss,
retricted production of red blood cells,
loss of vitamin D, difficulty breathing from excess fluid buildup..... etc. etc.
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Im 35 years old Ive been on dialysis for 2 and a half years and my skin is getting dark from it why is that can some one please tell me.I know its from the treatments because I have a friend I went to school with and his skin has change also over the years.
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Dark skin in dialysis patients is usually related to pigments called urochromes that are retained in the skin. They are usually excreted by healthy kidneys but not in end-stage renal disease, nor are they eliminated by dialysis. My daughter's skin is very dark from this. At first it looked kind of orange, and then it got more brown. Everyone at her dialysis center has been very straightforward about it. It is not the dialysis, it's just that dialysis can't (at this time) do anything about it.
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