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Far-Infrared Therapy
Hi, I am new to this, and would like to find out if any members have used a far-infrared sauna NOT a traditional steam sauna, as a method of obtaining passive cardio vascular exercise, and how they have got on.

If you are or have tried this modality I would love to hear from you.
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Hi Michael,
I am pleased to say I don't have any renal problems, but have used the Doctordetox Cabin regularly, and if I have an hours session, getting in at 33 deg C and going up to 50, my heart rate goes from 70 bpm to around 115,which I consider a pretty good passive cardio vascular workout, and of course I sweat, and according to analysis, the sweat produced by far Infrared contains 3 x more toxins than that produced by a traditional sauna, so as long as you take a general mineral supplement, and keep hydrated, should be very beneficial.

If you would like to see some clinical trials have a look here on the left of the page under "what the doctors say" some of it is a bit heavy, but the doctors comments are very interesting.
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