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Excessive Drain Gnats
I'm a patient at Fresenius Southside Dialysis located 3134 W 76th Street, Chicago. The drain gnatsbite us and leave bumps where they bite while we are in the chair for our 4hr treatment. What can I as a patient do to stop this infestation?
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Hard to say why the drain gnats are your clinic, but usually due to build up of lipids in the drain pipes. Have a talk to your administrator and MD about your concerns.
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The dialysis effluent running down the drain has biologicals in it that attract them. Make sure your techs are wiping the "wall box" (where the acid and bicarb ports are and the drain is) with bleach. It's policy where I work that the wall boxes/drains are bleached as part of cleaning the dialysis station between patients.
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