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Here is some more disturbing information: I recently looked online to see what the latest research is in finding alternative solutions to dialysis. I found that there is a protein called BMP-7 that reversed kidney failure in rats. Now, if it woks on a rat, it can work on a human. All mammals are the same creature, just rearranged. But the fact is they are not even trying to find uses for this protein, because the same company that own the COPYRIGHT, that's right!! a COPYRIGHT on a protein also makes Epogen. It's time to boycott. I am boycotting epogen and am doing fine. I didn't need it before I was on dialysis, and I don't need it now. There are several hundred, SEVERAL HUNDREAD alternatives to treating anemia. DO NOT let them tell you that there isn't. And now that you know about BMP-7, do not let them say something like "Oh, those rats eventually died" or "They re-developed kidney failure later." SO WHAH IF THEY DID!! They should still be testing it in the very least. Join me in the boycott. I don't intend to ever take epogen again. Not only should you boycott epogen, but Johnson and Johnson (the company that owns the copyright) all together. Even if you get tired, it's better those they come up with the real cure for kidney failure and eliminate the need for epogen all together.
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Amgen holds the Patent to Epogen, Not Johnson and Johnson...
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