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Epogen overuse
<Care Angel>
My husband has been on dialysis since August, 2005. We did PD until May 2007 when it was no longer helping; Now on 3 different occasions his blood pressure has spiked uncontrollaby. Each time his hemoglobin has been between 14-16.
I have asked on numerous occasions for the clinic to check his labs more than once a month because of this. On one occasion he was admitted into the hospital with BP @ 203/153 with an ER Dr. telling me that 16.2 was a great level for hemoglobin. Today I called his nephrologist because his BP was 177/113. He says more pills (9 to be exact) well I come home from work his BP is now 201/117. Nephrologist says ER will do the same as he is.
Clinic nurse says hemoglobin was 11.7 a month ago & labs are scheduled this week; Neph says no they were done a week ago. What do I do, where do I turn? They are going to cause my 39yr old husband to have a heart attack or worse;he has refused epo in the past because he knew that it was too high
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