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want to setup a private small dialysis center in india
I want to setup a small dialysis center in kolkata india..want to know the process, cost and breakeven for 2-4 station center.. I am not from medical background ..
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dialysis center in kolkata india.

I think you contact the medical department of india for openting the dialysis center.
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Wow, there are tons of regulations. Pretty tough if you don't know the industry. Why would you build such a small clinic?

Home Program Mgr in SoCal
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You wrote: I would urge all dialysis care professionals to request a copy of the Nov. 4, 2011 FMS internal memo entitled, "Dialysate Bicarbonate, Alkalosis and Patient Safety" from FMC as soon as possible. If FMC does not respond:

* provide RenalWEB with evidence that your request was sent,
* state in a e-mail that they did not respond within 1 business day,
* RenalWEB will then provide you copies of both the internal Nov. 4 and the external March 29 memos
* a RenalWEB e-mail address specifically for this purpose will be posted in this space tomorrow

If the memos concern such vital information for patient safety, why wait a day for a response from FMC? In the overriding name of patient safety, why don't you post the memos right now?
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The most important clinical information and warnings have already been published in the Part 1 and Part 2 articles I wrote.
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