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PTO Payment after resignation
<Po' Boy>
Who should I contact regarding getting my accumulated PTO paid to me? I resigned from my clinic in November and was told numerous times that my maxed out accumulation of 208 hours would be automatically paid to me after my profile was submitted, with nothing to fill out.

It's been three frickin' months already! Maybe instead of Fresenius rightfully giving me what they can consider 'chump change,' they can dish out a multitude times as much after a lawsuit goes in my favor?!

I've never been late nor called out sick, not even a personal day and am always the first one called if there are times of short-handedness.
This is how I'm treated?
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Po' Boy,

Unless your state has a law regarding this, it's up to company policy and/or employment contracts that determine whether or not you will receive unused PTO if you resign. I have no idea what the Fresenius policy is.


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I'm in the same boat as Po' Boy - maxed out PTO accumulation and spotless work record but still treated like a punk. I moved out of state and was told that once my 'profile' is submitted, any PTO would be paid out to me... I'm still waiting

Who should I contact regarding this? I worked for a clinic in New York City, but have since moved West
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If you have a Union, they'll be able to help you. This happened to me before, i called our Union after like 2 weeks i got my PTO payback.
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Benefits Servic3e Center 1-877-525-6290 press 2
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<old school>
I hadaccumulated over 400 hours at a clinic that was bought out by GAMBRO some years ago..I called their corporate office and I had a check
delivered THE NEXT DAY BEFORE NOON delivered by FED-EX ... PS Do not bother to go through your local or area folks..
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po boy
in minnesota, i was maxed out at my old dialysis job for like years then i found out that it illegal to stop accumulating pto if they dont give u time to take it ie understaffing when i quit i went to hr and had them go back thru my history a continue to accumulate to the tune of 1500 hours of pto
check with your state take to the attoney general in your state that is what he/she is there for
good luck
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