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Summer Employment for an Experienced Biomed

I am currently seeking a job this summer in the Sioux Falls, SD area which will aid in keeping me busy between college semesters.

I received a BMET AAS degree in 2008, and am currently going to college for a BA in supervision which should be complete in 2012. I also have the Fresenius H certification, and have over a year of experience doing maintenance on the Fresenius H dialysis machines. Water room maintenance was also a task which I have experience, and also hold the Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician certification, but prefer Biomedical work since that is where most of my experience is.

I would prefer part-time work since I also work part-time at a location in Salem, SD, but I would be willing to work full-time this summer, and quit my other job if there was a chance of employment beyond the summer months.

If interested in some additional help around the dialysis machine workroom, or someone to work at a remote facility permanently, please contact me with the information below, or leave a message on this forum.

I would also be interested in assisting the management of a facility or technical operations, since I am seeking my bachelor degree and will eventually need an internship.

Thank you,

Jameson Feterl
361 S Main St
Salem, SD 57058
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