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Life Safety Codes for Dialysis Units
Is anybody aware about these Life Safety Codes for dialysis buildings. Something the state has mentioned that will be implemented in the near future. I have tried to Google this info but no luck. Anyone have a copy or have a link on were to get them. One thing in specific is the requirement of a generator? I wanted to know for what? The entire building or just equipment? is this in-case of a disaster or just power outages?
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most of the new clinics in my area get generators these turn on in cause of a power outage and supplies the entire clinic
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Only a very few states require back up generators. If other clinics around you do not have them, more than likely you have a codes person mis-reading the codes and lumping us in with hospitals that supply back up power to life support systems. I am pretty sure that Massachusetts, Maine, and Connecticut require generators. There may be others but not many. Dialysis machines are required to have a system where you can return the blood in case of a power loss. So unless you live in a state that requires it or are on a well known unstable power grid, it would be hard to justify a $80,000 to $250,000 generator.
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See if this link helps you out. I understand that only parts of this requirerment will apply to dialysis units.
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