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Concentrate Pricing
I am looking to switch from liquid acid to a mixing system and dry acid. What are people typically getting quoted for a case of dry acid? Are the mixers thrown in at no charge? I understand that this probably is determined by usages, but if you can give me a range that would be super helpful. Thank you.
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can't really quote costs as I'm with a big company and we get a price break because we buy so much. I know that at recently as a couple of years ago some companies would give you the mixer free if you bought their acid.

If you have a choice, I'd go with Rockwell over Fresenius. The Rockwell mixers tend to have fewer issues, plus you can make a batch of acid in less than half the time (reducing the length of time the mixing tech is off the treatment floor if they are making it during business hours), and the Rockwell mixer uses less cases of acid than the Fresenius (four cases as compared to six or eight) which means you can keep more on hand and order less frequently.
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