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Documenting in Epic
Hi, we've recently gone with Epic as our system's EMR. That's fine but we've not yet seen the tools that Epic claims to have (Ie. CROWNWeb submission, QMAT/QAPI tool, effective billing, etc.). Epic is newer for us and of course it'll take time but we've got a great tool now (Clarity by Visonex) and it's an inclusive tool that already has proven capabilities. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Our dialysis center (uses HII) is hospital based. The hospital has recently gone to EPIC. From what I have seen in trying to get the information I need is that there are many grades of EPIC. Depending on the version that was purchased you may be able to get the reports you need (or not). Our hospital wants us to move from HII to EPIC. Our manager is pushing to stay with HII until EPIC can handle ALL for the information we need to have for Crown Web. Side note the patient scheduling for the version we have stinks.

My advise, make the most of what you have, you know that the powers that be are not going to change. Try asking to have reports created for what you need. That is what we had to do.
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