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staffing ratios
Does your hospital require more than one licensed personnel to be in the dialysis unit at all times? Does your hospital use LPNs? If so, in what capacity (for the dialysis unit)?
From my research CMS requirement for the state of Georgia, a nurse must be present (doesn't specify that it has to be RN). Trying to find specs for the state of Georgia
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I'm not sure if CMS specifies whether it has to be an RN specifically, but I know that in some areas, we use RNs specifically because some responsibilities go outside the scope of practice for LVNs.
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<old school>
CMS states that an RN must be in the building at all times
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"in the building" but not necessarily in the dialysis treatment room?
What about requiring 2 staff members present at all time in the treatment room?
Thank you!
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<found it>
I found this dated 2012 under search for state of Georgia ERSD regulations

(c) A licensed registered nurse shall be present in the treatment area when patient
treatments are in progress.
(d) The facility shall ensure the following patient care activities are assigned to and
performed by appropriately licensed nurses:
1. Conducting nursing assessments on admission and when indicated by an observed or
reported change in the patients’ health status;
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