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how to go about opening up a dialysis unit
Im a chief tech for 12 years and was a former pct and reuse tech.Have a friend who is a general Dr and is very interested in opening up a dialysis clinic can someone email me some info in how to get started.
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Well, for starters it is going to take a good bit of capital and a partnership. From the looks of it you got the partnership down. The big thing is to obtain the necessary certificat of need which is required before you even begin construction, from the state the clinic will be located in. Depending on where you are located you may have to pay an application fee. Next, you will have to register the center as an Ambulatory Surgical Center with the states agency for healthcare administation. Hire an RN and a medical technician. This is the minimal amount of staff required in order to open. Organize the the space to your liking such as setting up the treatment floor, exam rooms, ect. Lease and install the necessary equipment including the C-arm, exam table, ultrasound and dialysi machines. Professional installation will be included in your upfront costs. Setup and install patient billing software. Complete all your inspections and you should be set. I know this is a mouthfull but this is a general idea on getting started.

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I thought a clinic also had to have a dietician, social worker and a nephrologist medical director/partner.
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I might be able to help.
E mail me at
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and don't forgetif you are in the U.S. you will need to get approved my medicare
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