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Comments on Nocturnal Dialysis
<David Hilroy>
I see the article from Kidney International saying patients on nocturnal do not necessarily have better quality of life than those on conventional dialysis is only available for $32.

(From what I've seen in my brother's case, I would tend to disagree. He eats better and doesn't have to go to hospital three times a week.

However, he is still sick. Nocturnal has not given him abilities he didn't have before his kidney disease took over.)

Many of the links provided at this site only take readers to abstracts or newspaper articles. This hardly empowers patients.

The power of the Internet is great, but I have visited site after site where patient forums are not actively participated in - aside from a few regulars.

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<Research Paper>

After having read the entire paper, I thought it was well balanced. Nocturnal dialsysis is not for everyone and is not a cure-all.

Anyone reading the editor's note on RenalWeb's lead page could come to negative conclusion. I think such editorlializing is approriate only if the entire article is available to all.

(I have paid access to the publication in question.)

I see no efforts by the paper's writers to remouteky suggest set major limits on patients' lives. (Could some doctor misuse the information? Maybe.) But it is a observational study - nothing more.

All research papers should be read with a grain of salt. (And let's face it, most people access an interpreation of these papers through the media.)
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