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Texas rules
I have searched and spoken with every regulatory and licensing agency in Texas to no avail.

I am looking for information to open a Home dialysis clinic only. A facility for PD and home hemo. Nothing else. Not staff assisted. Has anyone information?. In most states, you open a small clinic with training rooms and exam, for training in and at home. Cannot located Anything but home license with dialysis designatio, but still no assistance on requirements for this service. Help is appreciated
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If you are going to open home training facility, it would still fall under the texas reg's and standard v tags. If you are only doing home training you still must bring patient in to train (and receive treatments during training) so in fact you are opening a facility. Much of the reg's and Vtags would not apply do to the fact that you are not dialyzing regularly in the facility. Look at the texas reg's sect 117.45 and Vtag 580 cms reg's sect 494.180
Good luck
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great rules... by the way interesting

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