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Can't walk after dialysis
My father with 64 years old had kidney problem due to consumption of antibiotic for his eye treatment (eye infection & glucoma).He was diabetic from Last 30 years.

on Last january his kidney got effected and they stared hemo dialysis for 3 weeks and now he is doing peritonial dialysis at home. His creatine level reduced to 2.5 now.

The problem is that,From the day he started hemo dialysis he is unable to walk.His nephorologist asked him to consult a neurologist and he done the X-ray of brain.He tell the brain os ok.
My father is telling he uable to walk and loosing the balancing.

Can any one help and tell the reason why my father can't walk.
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This is really something that the doctors will need to figure out. It may or may not have anything to do with dialysis.

One thing they may ask to determine if it is related to dialysis is if he is having trouble only after his dialysis treatement or all the time. Sometimes after treatment a person's blood pressure may be low, which can cause them to be dizzy and loose their balance. If this is the case, he needs to discuss this with his dialysis faciity so they can help him adjust his fluids and settings for the treatment.
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