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Couple questions
1 Is more freq dialysis covered by medicare? or anyone else?
2 If you do more freq dialysis, can you eat and or drink more?
3 Are there any long term studies that show the benifit of exercise and dialysis?
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More frequent dialysis is not covered by Medicare at this time.

Dietary restricitions are fewer or nearly non-existent with daily hemodialysis.

Many studies show the benefits of exercise.
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Home hemo i heard is covered for upto 6 treatments a week.

Its not the number of treatments that they cover, it is the cost for 1 treatment. Most clinics only get reimbursed for 3 treatments and week thusly you get 3 treatments.

With the lower cost of home hemodialysis you can get more treatments for the reimbursed amount.

Your diet/fluid intake is more relaxed with daily dialysis yes. Should you still watch what your intake is?? YES

Any exercise you get is good. Numerous articles show this. It does not matter if you are on dialysis or not.

What is not good is a 3hour fluid removal. Home hemo or perotenial dialysis removes fluid over a longer period of time mimicking natural kidney function. There are reports showing this as well.

The best policy is to educate yourself and learn about all the different types of dialysis.
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