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Gambro Phonenix Machines
Good morning I have currently taken the position as lead tech. I noticed the machines are not showing when it goes into integrated heat with CWP can anyone help me set the Gambro machine to show time and date when it goes into integrated heat. CWP setting is correct not sure how to set machine

Thank you
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Call Gambro tech support, 800-525-2623
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see if you cant get a service manuel for those machines Big Grin

disclaimer my views and no one else Razzer
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Is there a max for run hours on the Gambro Phoenix machines before you have to replace them. I see a increase in machines being down in the last past year.
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I believe it is also in the Ops manual on how to set that.


No *requirement* that I know of. I have a few with 45k+ and they are still running like champs. (Conversely, I have some with 20K that are VERY needy.) I was told once that *ideally* 7-8 yrs of normal use would be a convenient average lifespan. But as I said, I have some that have gone 1.5 times that and are "Energizer Bunny-ing" it like a beast.
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