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Chairside Software on Thumb Drive
Any one know where I can obtain a thumb drive with Chairside Software on it. It seems there's only one person who has the authority to grant you the software. God forbid a Bio tech would be authorized to use the tools necessary to keep their machine running smoothly. Meanwhile I have machines where it seems the software has evaporated over time. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I put in a remedy ticket but it seems whoever the one person is that does it, does not return phone calls. At least someone could call and give me a reason why it seems you need a secret clearance to obtain a copy.
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There are directions on how to do it yourself with any blank usb drive. If you need them, give me your email and I will send them to you. It is a doc file.

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<rebel ron>
you can make your own very easy all you need is a zip drive, do a search on here under chairside you will find step by step instructions.
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Creating a USB Imaging Drive in Chairside image version 5.x

Procedural Choices

There is only one method available to create the USB memory stick for Chairside image version 5.x devices:

Using the GUI interface


1. Locate a Chairside system that is currently running the image version desired

2. Acquire a USB keyboard if using a Dell PC (7010, 9020, etc.)

3. Acquire a USB memory stick (also known as a "thumb drive") with a minimum capacity of 2GB (two Gigabytes)

Important note - This USB memory stick will be completely erased! Any data on this USB memory stick will be lost!

Verify the desired version

1. Connect the USB keyboard, if needed

2. Open a terminal window

1. On the touchscreen touch Start button

2. Choose Accessories

3. Choose LXTerminal


1. On the keyboard press <Ctrl>+<Alt>+t

2. In the terminal window type the command cat /etc/2008T-release (THIS IS CASE AND SPACE SENSITVE!)

3. Verify that the version number displayed is the version desired on the new USB memory stick

Create the USB memory stick

1. In the terminal window type the command sudo /usr/local/scripts/make_usb (THIS IS CASE AND SPACE SENSITVE!)

2. Follow all on-screen prompts

1. Insert USB memory stick only when directed to do so

2. Remove USB memory stick only when directed to do so

Important note - It is a good idea to wait 30 seconds after the message appears to actually

remove the USB memory stick.

3. The memory stick created will now be able to boot, and install, the image on it
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i called IT and asked for one. after being transferred a couple of times ended up with field service . they called me back a few days later and i asked for 2 . they were shipped to my clinic in 2 days .
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