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Just wondering if all you F-ers have seen and taken the poll on our freight deliveries?
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Saw a poll several months ago regarding after hours deliveries but haven't seen an polls recently.
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<Guest Today>
I have taken the survey it is a joke! Here is my problem with it, I have a clinic within a mile of the hospital which has an acute unit and specialty select unit 2 floors apart. The clinic gets a delivery on Tuesday the Acute gets delivery on Wed the select unit gets a delivery on Thur, I have said for years this does make sense! Now when they can't keep people hired (gas $ is the problem, right) they want the clinics to get less deliveries and pack the stock room so full we can't work on machines or keep track of what is there. Maybe they should look on the delivery route before assuming bio med is going to fix their problem for them. I really thought there should have been a comment section on the survey where we could have really added our input.
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<Survey Monkey>
There was an "other"option that allowed you to type in info. I used it to let them know one unit which is pretty new will be needing to switch from every two weeks to weekly due to census increases and need to maintain safety stock per protocol. New clinics they are building have tiny back rooms for stock.So i guess they save money there but have to spend more down the road due to more frequent deliveries once census grows.
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Yeah the survey is pretty much a joke. I get wanting to save costs. However, most clinics are already fully stocked by biomeds. Both of mine are kept full because their deliveries are inconsistent. They are always either late or missing items. The last 3 weeks I have had to call about missing or late items. I got half a delivery one week. We like weekly becuase they screw up too much already we can't risk every other week. Just my two cents...

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