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Biolab 4400
So just like this profession often does to us, I'm currently stuck in a situation that's thrown me a big curveball. I have to clean and disinfect a Biolab 4400 for the firt time, with minimal guidance. Now I've been doing this long enough to complete the process once my CIP is hooked up. That's where my question lies. Does anyone have any idiots guide to hooking the CIP to a Biolab? I have the info from the owner's manual, which is actually pretty detailed. I;m looking for any additional tool to make sure AI get everything connected correctly. Thanks to all.
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I think you might be over thinking this. Connect your CIP to the valve at the floor on the bottom right side of the machine. We've installed garden hose adapters to make the connection easy.


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Hi Cane,
1st stop the RO after making sure everyone is off the loop. I pre fill my 12 gallon tanks in the morning, I made. Didnt care for MarCors. I dont add chemical until its used. like Chuck W said connect a hose from the bottom right to your pump, then a hose from your pump to your tank to draw out of. I prime this hose otherwise it wont draw up. With the one end still connected to the pump, I pour ro water in the hose to prim it. try to fill the hose. shut off both your drain ball valve and your product to your storage tank. Connect hoses to both your drain and product and connect them to your tank or place them inside the CIP. Open ball valve at lower right hand of RO, open produt and drain ball valves at the outlet connector, setup, 1, enter on the ro and get ready to plug in the pump. Make sure your ro has flow and the hoses dont kink. repeat steps for low, hi and mincare! Oh and in order to run the RO to flush chemical make sure the storage tank level is low enough to kick the ro on. I dont use the flushing mode. good luck
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