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Safe Soft Water for Shower
Hello people,

how safe is to use SOFT water for shower?
no risk of slippery?
are there any specific values for such an application?
( I am talking about 0 dH; at home and in hospitals)

thank you.
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Getting more suds in your eyes maybe ?? Soft water bubbles allot more and yes it will make the are a bit more slippery, but that's what they have mats for. I used to have a softener in my house and loved it. The downside is being careful on not over softening it or you will feel like you have a film on your skin from the showering. But when your water is soft you use less soaps and cleaning products which helps save some money to make up for it.
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Well, I have a well water(hardness of ~48gpg) at home and have an HE softener. We shower in the softened water and do laundry, dishes and have an ice maker too.
Never had any problems with softened water. Actually use less cleaning products with soft water.
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